Linguistic and Stylistic Characteristics of Croatian Text in the Newspaper „Ii Regio Dalmata – Kraljski Dalmatin”

Journal of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Split, No. 1, 2008

Original scientific paper

Ljerka Šimunković ; University of Split, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

pages 171-171

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The first Dalmatian newspaper of an administrative-political character, „Il Regio Dalmata – Kraglski Dalmatin”, was published from 12th July 1806 to 1st April 1810 as a bilingual (Italian-Croatian) publication. The Croatian text translated from the Italian original did not relate to the whole content, but just to those parts that were considered to offer particular information to the vast Dalmatian audience. The editor and the author of the majority of articles was Bartolo Benincasa and the translators were Nikola Dominik Budrović, Paško Jukić, Nikola Sandrić and Andrija Kadčić. Since the late medieval period, there had existed a developed tradition of oral and literary translation in Dalmatia. However, the translator came to grips with this very difficult task due to the fact that, in the Croatian of that period, elaborated terminology still did not exist that could encompass all segments of public life, politics, science, philosophy etc. The translator, led by puritan tendencies, endeavoured to create in Croatian a whole sequence of new phrases when translating the foreign ones, mostly Italian language patterns, in order to express a new political and social reality. Since the Croatian text is translated from Italian, it is obvious that the text abounds in lexical, phraseological and syntactic calques that imitate Italian language models or constructions.


Bilingual edition; Croatian language; Italian language; linguistic calques; newspaper; translator