Methodological Thought on Postmodernist Concepts

Journal of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Split, No. 1, 2008

Original scientific paper

Marija Lončar ; University of Split, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences 

pages 170-0

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The author has tried to methodologically present postmodern concepts and to point out the new form of research that appeared under the influence of new changes in the new approaches to social and sociological research. It is obvious that the ensuing amassments of contemporary reasons, just like the methodological principles of postmodern research, have become a part of accepted practice. By defining the influence of postmodern discourse on social and sociological research, there has been a notable move away from postpositive epistemology of the modern period. Accordingly, the problem of the paper has been directed towards consideration of poststructuralism which has been directed at the concept of reality, truth and knowledge, while the basic notions of poststructuralism have been summarized in terms of language, truth and meaning. In opposition to the orthodox paradigm, the author has emphasised several different „postmodern” approaches which move away from epistemology based on objectivity and embrace empirical, constructivist, and an action oriented worldview. In this way, the changes of traditional methodological concepts have been indicated.


deconstruction; discourse; social and sociological research; empirical worldview; poststructuralism; postmodernism; „postmodern” approaches