Croatian Linguist Dalibor Brozović

Journal of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Split, No. 5, 2012

Review article

Josip Lisac ; University of Zadar 

pages 147-154



The article analyses the linguistic oeuvre of Dalibor Brozović with additional comments on his various scientific interests. What is emphasized is his versatility, his work in sociolinguistics, genetic linguistics and linguistic typology, as well as his various efforts in suitably describing the Croatian language. It is found that Dalibor Brozović has contributed considerably to the modernization of Croatian linguistics, and that he approached the study of Croatian from a new general linguistic framework. An expert in Slavonic Studies and Comparative Linguistics, he was successful in studying other languages as well, contributing on a global level to the field of standard language typology. His oeuvre is marked by a wide area of competence, a modern approach, daring and lucidity in research techniques, and ean laborate and delicate style.


Brozović; genetic linguistics and linguistic typology; sociolinguistics