An Insight into the Language Learning Styles of Croatian Elementary School EFL Learners

Journal of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Split, No. 4 January 2011

Original scientific paper

Dragana Rajić
Danijela Šegedin ; University of Split, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences 
Sanja Čurković Kalebić ; University of Split, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences 

pages 237-253

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This paper deals with the language learning styles of Croatian learners of English. The aim of the study was to gain an insight into the preferred learning styles of a group of elementary school learners and to find out whether the gender and success of the learners influence their preferred learning styles. Cohen and Oxford’s (2001) Learning Style Survey for Young Learners was used to test 5 dimensions and 11 subscales of learning styles. It was found that the learners’ preferred styles are field-independent, closure-oriented, global and auditory, and that there are significant differences in some dimensions of learning styles with regard to success and gender.


language learning styles; learning styles dimensions; elementary school learners