Editorial board


Gloria Vickov


Nikica Mihaljević

Editorial Board

Vedran Barbarić (Department of Art History)

Gordana Galić Kakkonen (Department of Croatian Language and Literature)

Aleksandar Jakir (Department of History)

Tonći Kokić (Department of Philosophy)

Katarina Lozić Knezović (Department of Croatian Language and Literature)

Nikica Mihaljević (Department of Italian Language and Literature)

Brian Daniel Willems (Department of English Language and Literature)

Copy Editor

Brian Daniel Willems


Katarina Lozić Knezović

Editor-in-Chief’s Assistant

Petra Božanić

All members of the Editorial Board are employees of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Split because the journal was founded by this faculty and it is the only one that finances it. Members of the International Advisory Committee participate in the work of the Editorial Board as external foreign associates, ie as experts in various scientific fields to which the journal is focused, and assist members of the Editorial Board in the editorial and review process.