Journal of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Split, No. 9 July 2017

Original scientific paper

Helena Pavletić  ORCID icon Faculty of Education, University of Juraj Dobrila in Pula

pages 103-122

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This paper examines nautical terms characterized by metaphorical processes. The first group consists of metaphorical terms, i.e. terms derived through the process of metaphorization, whose conceptual and structural characteristics are defined. These are the terms resulting from more recent lexical influences, examined through the influence of English language on the formation of terms and content of Croatian metaphorical terms. The second group consists of terms which have undergone the process of determinologization in general language, receiving a non-terminological (and figurative) meaning apart from the denotative one. These are terms which are rooted in Croatian maritime tradition, and are used not only as nautical terms, but in contexts unrelated to the profession as well, with a new, figurative meaning. The paper especially studies the functioning of de-terminologized nautical terms (contexts and collocations) in the journalistic functional style and tries to define their normative status. In conclusion, the function of metaphorical processes in general language and in language for specific purposes is explained.


metaphor; term; metaphorization; demetaphorization; maritime terminology