Deflection from Standard System of Accents at Proffesional Speakers from Croatian National Television

Journal of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Split, No. 2-3, 2009

Original scientific paper

Anita Runjić – Stoilova   ORCID icon ; University of Split, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences 
Ivana Bartulović

pages 153-168

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This paper explores similarities between the system of accents in journalists’, speakers’ and TV hosts’ speech and the prosodic norm of Croatian language. HTV is chosen because it is a public, national television so it is assumed that the speech on Croatian television should be ideal and desirable and it should comply with the speech and language norm. 418 minutes of mostly informative programme has been recorded and analysed. The number of errors per show has been calculated as well as the average accent errors per minute. Deflections from the standard undoubtedly show consistency and had been categorized as follows: the apperance of falling accents at the non-beginning word syllables, hypercorrectness, the neutralization of short-falling and short-rising accent, presence of local accent features, nontransference of falling accents to proclitics, the loss of post-accentual lenght and the shortening of long accents. Mistakes are mostly made while pronouncing falling accents at nepočetnim word syllables. Deflections from the standard can be explained by inconsistency of accent norm, the simplification of complicated accent system or by a simple functional differentiation of accents.


speech; public television; accent; standard