Teacher s’ Voice about the Voice of Students: Acceptance and Usage of Students’ Assessments of Teacher Effectiveness at the University of Split

Journal of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Split, No. 4 January 2011

Professional paper

Andreja Bubić   ORCID icon orcid.org/0000-0002-9122-9809 ; University of Split, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences 
Darko Hren ; University of Split, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences 

pages 291-312

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The center for quality assurance of the University of Split organized an online survey in which teachers from all university constituents shared their experiences with student evaluations of teacher effectiveness. Within this survey, the teachers responded to three types of questions: about students, teacher and teaching quality. Out of the 1,833 teachers employed at the university, 402 (22%) responded to the questionnaire. The results that were obtained indicated that half of the teachers considered student evaluations to be informative, among which 76% mention a positive influence of using student commentaries for improving teaching, while 14% consider this influence as negative, as it results in deterioration of teaching standards. In addition, around 18% of teachers considered this practice to be completely uninformative. Overall, the results are in line with international experiences related to the use of student evaluations and they indicate a need for increasing both teachers’ and students’ knowledge regarding this method of measuring teacher effectiveness and for considering potential changes to the questionnaire currently used for this purpose.


evaluation; students; student evaluations of teacher effectiveness; survey; teachers; teaching; University of Split