Croatians in Gradišće in Western Hungary in the Work of Mate Ujević

Journal of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Split, No. 5, 2012

Review article

Sanja Vulić ; University of Zagreb, Centre for Croatian Studies 

pages 175-194



Mate Ujević was one of the most prominent Croatian scientists. His works were much noted, and his views were incorporated into ensuing research. His especially noted work was his monograph Burgenland Croats from 1934. It was the very first synthetic type of book on the old north-western Croatian diaspora printed in Croatia. That is why in this paper, after reviewing all of his works on this diaspora, special attention is given to a comparison of the situation at the time of Ujević’s research and the situation during the last two decades. In this context some of Ujević’s misapprehensions and oversights, which were non-critically subsumed in later literature, are shown: an exaggeration of the influence of Kajkavian religious books of authors from Croatia (eg. the book of Juraj Mulih) on the language of north-western Croatian diaspora in the 18th century, the omission of Croatian villages around
Körmend in south-western Hungary from geographical and linguistical maps, the thesis on the origin of Burgenland Croats Vlah’s, the misapprehension of the jekavski reflex of jat in Čakavian idioms in Burgenland and western Hungary, etc. Ujević’s observations and conclusions that are still valid are comparatively noted.


Mate Ujević; Burgenland; Western Hungary