Kačić’s reading of Glavinić

Journal of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Split, No. 5, 2012

Original scientific paper

Miroslav Palameta ; Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Split, Split, Croatia 

pages 27-42


Kačić’s intercession for the written historical truth, which he found in Latin and Italian texts, to offer it in turn to “poor peasants and fishermen” in his ten-syllable verse of folk poetry, reveals the rationality of his engagement in the enlightenment of the Croatian people, who have not so far been the targeted audience of literary works. The work of Kačić was also a mark of national and literary sensibility. Regardless of how much Kačić cared for the historical facticity, his poems are still today recognized as the thematic link of Croatian literature between the Illyrian movement writers and
the 16th and 17th century writers. Kačić’s Pisma od kuće Frankopanovića enters into direct connection with Glavinić’s Cvit svetih and the topic of Croatian victory over the Tartar, much exploited by the Croatian writers of Romanticism. The same poem is a notable criticism of those poets and ‘folk singers’ who do not respect, or know, historical facticity. This article is an intertextual analysis of the narrative core and the family tree in the mentioned poem and in Glavinić’s Latin dedication “Illustrissimo d.d. comiti Wolfgango Christophoro de Frangepanis“ in Cvit svetih. The aim is to put forward the results of this contrastive analysis so as to amend a common misconception in international Slavonic Studies pertaining to Kačić’s sources for Pisma od kuće Frankopanovića, and to confirm the hypothesis that parts of Kačić’s Korabljica were used as sources for some poems in Razgovor ugodni, i.e. that the former were written
prior to the first edition of Razgovor in 1756. In addition, the article analyses Kačić’s key methods in rewriting and re-stylising the original Latin text and its adaptation into a Croatian ten-syllable verse poem.


amplification; intertextuality; reduction; translation; versification