Aims and Scopes

The Journal of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Split publishes scientific and professional articles, as well as unpublished presentations from scientific conferences, in the field of humanities, i.e. linguistics, study of literature, history, art history, study of art, philosophy, archeology, theology, ethnology, and anthropology.

The journal encourages thematic and disciplinary diversity and an interdisciplinary approach following modern scientific trends. The vision of the journal includes an openness to new studies in the context of archival, field, theoretical, and other research, as well as an openness toward repressed or unjustifiably neglected phenomena in the field of the humanities. Given the tradition of Split as a Mediterranean humanities center, our goal is to counteract negative tendencies that constantly suppress the humanities in academia and beyond. The journal does so by promoting skills and knowledge that are key to understanding the world and humanity’s position in it, primarily through critical thinking and an awareness of the need for an active approach to solving social problems in a modern, globalized world in which culture and language play a crucial role.

We pay special attention to researching and deepening knowledge about Croatia’s contribution to the research of human experience through the perspective of art, philosophy, and history, as well as the study of Croatian culture, literature, and language without neglecting other cultures, literature, and languages which form the individual as well as society as a whole.

The journal’s mission is to promote and strengthen the position of the humanities with the aim of providing a common intellectual platform to foster multidisciplinarity and strengthen inter-institutional and inter-university cooperation at the local, European, and international levels.